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      Dev Blog 17/04/18

      By William, in Dev Blogs,

      Dev Blog 17/04/18
      Yes, we've been a bit quiet for the past 2 weeks but that's just because we were so busy working hard on the new features (actually lazy). Anyways, besides the features described here, we will perform a closed test with a few chosen individuals in the following days and try to error-proof the mod and balance all the new weapons & armours. We don't want to disappoint anyone by giving a release date and then failing to deliver but just know that we're looking forward to all the epic sieges, endless roleplay and unprecedented parkour over the new scene props.
      Dog Model
      We've implemented a dog model for use in roleplay servers. We've decided not to integrate any script with it as different servers have different desires so it will be up to them to choose how people will access them and control them.

      New Scene Props
      We've implemented 55 new scene props. Mappers will now have the ability to choose between 2 new types of walls, towers and gates (Jerusalem and French), skeletons, different ores, wooden palisades and other smaller & bigger scene props that will increase the variety and consequently better the gameplay.

      [WIP] New Trees
      The native trees are not the best quality so we tried to bring in some fresh ones, 40 new trees and bushes in fact, that mappers will be able to use.

      Adjusted Classes
      We've made very slight changes to existing classes and implemented 2 new classes. The dismounted knight and mounted knight. Both of these classes will be able to wear the highest grade armour (plate) and be more skilled in two-handed weapons. Sergeant and MAA will not have the ability to wear plate (strength 16 will be required for plate) but will have higher movement speed and be more skilled with one-handed weapons. We've also slightly buffed Ruffian and reworked the healer class. Further explanation of the classes will be given in the next dev blog when the tests will have been concluded and the necessary balancing changes will have been implemented. We'll also explain the "why" behind every change.
      Clear Projectiles
      We've added an option in the "C" menu that clears out arrows & bolts on doors and chests. In the current PW that can be abused to prevent people from teleporting through gates and opening chests.
      PM System
      We've implemented a PM system that can be enabled or disabled in the server config files for each server. The system enables individuals to message each other through a newly generated chat by pressing "O" or through the escape menu. The system can be used to resolve conflicts between players privately, discuss rule breaks or even discuss your diplomacy with enemy factions.
      Relogging as lord in PW made you lose all the data on keys & announcers. Not anymore. In default PW random gear is spawned in chests. Servers usually disable that through scripts. We've now implemented a way to enable/disable that very easily. "Mute all players" option for admins. Admins will now be able to mute the global chat on the server for as long as they want if the chat becomes too hectic and unmute it later on. A "Mute instruments" option has been added to the "C" menu in-case anyone will get annoyed by them.  
      "Meme" material
      This mod wouldn't be a proper mod if we didn't think of the very kind and productive admins that enable us to enjoy in the experience that PK has to offer. It would not be fair if we simply forgot about them and not equip them properly so that they can defend themselves against the angry mob that is bashing them every day (and yes, that is a baton behind that shield).

      Keep posting suggestions. We consider every suggestion you post:
      Posted images don't include the new graphical changes. All features are subject to change. Feel free to discuss this dev blog down below.

    • Dev Blog 01/04/18

      By William, in Dev Blogs,

      Dev Blog 01/04/18
      We're slowly getting to where we want to be. Here's the stuff we've worked on in the past week.
      Open & Close Helmet
      You're now able to open and close certain helmets that are implemented into the game. If the helmet can't be opened a "This helmet has no toggleable visor!" message pops up. We've not yet decided if fighting with an open helmet will affect your head armour in comparison to a closed helmet.
      New Carts
      Following the previous dev blog, you're now no longer able to store arrows&bolts in chests and normal carts. We've implemented two new carts. A civilian version that will be able to carry everything but bolts&arrows and a military version that will be able to carry everything. War carts can be used for offensive or defensive purposes, mostly for the transport of arrows&bolts. Servers can then decide how many war carts belong to each faction and so control the supply of arrows.
      Lockpicked Chest Notification
      If a chest is lockpicked you will now receive a notification about it.

      Armour & Weapon Sets
      Armours and weapons that we planned to add are more or less implemented into the game. Still need to do a few fixes with the helmets and complete the crafting recipes. Here are a few sets:

      Keep posting suggestions. We consider every suggestion you post:
      Posted images don't include the new graphical changes or banners. All features are subject to change. Feel free to discuss this dev blog down below.

    • Dev Blog 25/03/18

      By William, in Dev Blogs,

      Dev Blog 25/03/18
      A few new features have been added in the past week. We have also implemented most of the new weapons and horses. Balancing of all these new additions will be done in the following week.
      Easy Show Pouch
      It's now much easier to show your pouch to other players. Simply look at the person and click on the "Reveal money pouch to target" option in the "C" submenu.
      Confirmation On Joining Commoners
      When respawning, you will now have to confirm your choice to join commoners by clicking "1" again. This is to prevent faction members from accidentally switching to the commoners and losing their class.

      Gold Looting Changes
      Server owners will now have 2 new parameters that they can modify in the config file. The first one defines the percentage that commoners drop when killed. The second parameter defines the percentage of gold dropped when a person from faction A kills a person from faction B (when factions aren't at war). Team kills (A on A) don't drop money.
      set_combat_gold_bonus 10 # gold drop on death percentage for commoners
      set_round_gold_bonus 20 # gold drop on death percentage
      [WIP] Music System
      We've implemented the music system from the Tavern Animation Pack and FW. We're still not fully satisfied with it and might decide to rewrite it completely before the mod releases.
      We've currently made lute and lyre available to all non-combat classes while the horn remains open to everyone. Spamming is obviously something we are trying to prevent while still keeping the items available to everyone. Unless we figure out a way to limit the usage we'll leave that to servers to enforce (higher prices, buying limitations, etc.).
      You can currently choose between 4 lute sounds, 4 lyre sounds and 3 horn sounds.
      New Horses
      We'll be adding new horses to increase the diversity and refresh the mod. Here are two examples:

      New Weapons
      New one-handers, two-handers and polearms have been added to the mod. Balancing will be done in the following week. Here's a few polearms:

      [ADMIN] New option: Admins can now join any faction through the administration menu. New castle names have been fully implemented. You can find them here. New banners have also been fully implemented. You can find them here.  
      Keep posting suggestions. We consider every suggestion you post:
      Posted images don't include the new graphical changes or banners. All features are subject to change. Feel free to discuss this dev blog down below.

    • Dev Blog 18/03/18

      By William, in Dev Blogs,

      Dev Blog 18/03/18
      Another busy week is behind us. We've implemented a few simple features that will make quite an impact on the gameplay and the mod. There are many more things that we're currently working on, but this is just the portion that is already implemented.
      [WIP] Phoenix Launcher
      BridgeTroll made it quite far with the Phoenix launcher designed for the Persistent Kingdoms. The launcher will at the first launch install the mod and then with every launch after that check if the mod is up to date. If new updates are detected, the launcher will update the mod automatically by downloading the new or updated files and not the whole mod again.
      Multiple other features will be included in the launcher that we will mention in later dev blogs.

      Fast Inventory Transfer
      Transferring items is now much faster and smoother. Simply right-click the item you wish to transfer and it will automatically jump into the correct slot within your inventory.
      Show Pouch To Nearby Players
      We've implemented a feature that enables you to show your pouch to all nearby players. The reach of the "show pouch" is equal to the reach of the normal local chat.
      It's properly logged as well.

      Kick & Outlaw Messages
      You now receive a message when kicked or outlawed from the faction. This was necessary due to the new marshal feature which enables multiple people to kick & outlaw you from the faction.

      New Skyboxes
      We've added 25+ new skyboxes that can be used by mappers to change the way their maps look. That includes sunny, cloudy and night-time skyboxes. Here's a few examples:

      Dedicated Arrow & Bolt Holders
      We've created a new scene prop that is specially designed to hold only arrows and bolts. Mappers will be able to place this on strategic points across the map and castles.

      In return, we've disabled the ability to store arrows & bolts in all the other inventory props & carts. We've implemented this with the aim of removing the "endless supply of arrows" in sieges. It's pretty obvious that this has been one of the main goals of this mod - Giving arrows & bolts a strategic value that needs to be accounted for.
      We're still discussing the implementation of dedicated arrow carts that could be used for offensive purposes or for easier transfer from the armoury to the walls.
      Update On Armours
      We've successfully implemented most if not all of the body pieces, gloves and boots that we had in mind. Helmets require some simple fixes which will be done in the following days.
      All that remains is to complete this section of the mod is the implementation of the crafting recipes which will be done in the following days.
      We might consider adding some more civilian clothing in the following days which can then be used on roleplay servers.

      A bug where freeze walls (created by admins) would remain in place after the player disconnected should be resolved now. Equipment logs have been added when a player connects or disconnects from the server. Check the full log system here.  
      Keep posting suggestions. We consider every suggestion you post:
      Posted images don't include the new graphical changes or banners. All features are subject to change. Feel free to discuss this dev blog down below.

    • Dev Blog 11/03/18

      By William, in Dev Blogs,

      Dev Blog 11/03/18
      Another week is behind us and it's time to show what we managed to change and improve.
      Castle Capture Flag Animation
      To improve the feeling of capturing a castle and to give everyone a clear view of the capturing progress, Tommy implemented this simple yet amazing addition:
      Toggle Basic Name Labels
      War zones are more often than not places where you simply turn off the name labels as it's impossible to see anything with them. A toggleable feature has been added which will enable players to recognize enemies based on the colour of the "+" sign. The colour of the sign is equal to the heraldic colour of the faction.

      Faction Messages
      Faction members now receive the following messages based on the actions of the lord/marshals:
      You have been given door keys! You have been given money chest keys! You have been given item chest keys! You have been given announcers! You are now a Marshal!
      "Drop all" Button
      A button has been added to the money management menu which enables you to drop all the money at once without manually entering the numbers.

      Teleportation With Horses
      A new scene prop (doors) has been added which enables players to teleport through doors while mounted up. Mappers will now have the ability to switch between doors that allow and doors that don't allow teleportation while mounted up. This means players will be able to get out of spawn rooms with their horses but won't be able to go into throne rooms etc. while mounted up.
      Admins will also be able to teleport people that are mounted up and teleport to people while they are on a horse.
      Poll Cooldown
      A 20-second timer has been introduced after a poll succeeds or fails. During that time it's not possible to vote a new lord.
      New Armour Pieces
      We continue to add new armour pieces (Viper and Exima). We have some boots and helmets to show this week:

      New Log System
      In PW_4.5 server owners had to create their own log systems in order to properly administrate their servers. That won't be the case anymore.
      Saptor has written a new more advanced log system which will disable the need for "server-side" logs and provide more detailed information about events on the server. Examples:
      15:40:48 - William attacked Saptor with a Short Bow dealing 5 damage. 15:39:01 - William attacked Saptor with a Falchion dealing 40 damage. 00:00:10 - Saptor attacked Horse (Boar) dealing 13 damage. 15:52:02 - William hit a ship (IID: 45). 15:45:23 - William hit door of Blue faction for 32 damage (IID: 54). 15:35:20 - William hit Saptor's shield dealing 25 damage. And many more advanced logs. IID represents a unique number of a scene prop or an item in the game (for example every ship on a map has it's own IID). Admins will be able to use that number in many cases to track the progression of events.
      The system will be developed further more.
      Shorter banner item buy time. Decreased import timers for wheat, calfs and boarlets. Engineers and master smiths are now able to use handcarts. We've increased the offset for bought items. It's now easier to pick up bought items and harder to accidentally re-sell them.  
      Keep posting suggestions. We consider every suggestion you post:
      Posted images don't include the new graphical changes or banners. All features are subject to change. Feel free to discuss this dev blog down below.

    • Dev Blog 05/03/18

      By William, in Dev Blogs,

      Dev Blog 05/03/18
      As you probably noticed, we've decided to name the mod "Persistent Kingdoms". It makes sense to stay close to the original mod as we're only freshening it up, not making a brand new one. Here are the changes we managed to complete in the past week:
      Blocking with shields is now recorded in the logs thanks to Saptor.  
      Spectator Feature
      Spectator feature has been re-done thanks to Tommy. Server owners will now have the ability to easily switch between:
      0 = Enables flying and switching between players 1 = Enables switching between players 2 = Disables spectator This also removes the spectator glitch and enables admins to spectate properly even when the spectator is disabled.
      Admin Restock
      Admins are now able to restock with admin scalpels. This feature comes in useful for certain events etc. Restocking is properly recorded in the logs as well.
      Commit Suicide
      A new option is available in the sub-menu (hold C). When clicking on "Commit Suicide" a 15-second timer starts after which your life comes to an end.
      Marshal Role
      A new mechanic has been added to the factions. Lords will now be able to assign an unlimited amount of marshals. Marshal holds the role of maintaining the faction instead of the lord while having no options for "outer diplomacy". We imagine this feature will come in very useful to the clan leaders when assigning duties to their leadership.
      Marshals have the permission to:
      Outlaw a player Kick a player Mute/unmute a player Manage door keys Manage item chest keys Manage announcers Marshals are upon "promotion" also automatically given door keys, chest keys and announcers. Marshals keep their roles when a new lord is polled.
      Marshals can't edit the permissions of other marshals or lord nor kick them from the faction. If a faction player is given door keys from a certain marshal that change is automatically registered in the "door key list" of all the other marshals and the lord.
      New Map Textures [WIP]
      Dekkers is working on new map textures (grass, terrain, skyboxes, terrain borders,...). Let me first start off by saying that this will be an optional feature. People that will want to play with native textures or custom textures will still be able to do so. The following screenshots are showing work-in-progress:

      New Items
      Viper is working on bringing in new armours/weapons/scene props with Exima. A quick sneak peek at some of the things you'll be able to see in the mod:

      New banners are also being added by Dekkers. Feel free to check them out on Phoenix forums.
      Keep posting suggestions. We consider every suggestion you post:
      All features are subject to change. Feel free to discuss this dev blog down below.

    • Dev Blog 25/02/18

      By William, in Dev Blogs,

      Dev Blog 25/02/18
      We've decided to push dev blogs every so often when we have something to show in order to stay in contact with the community and keep you updated on the development of the mod. Dev blogs will represent already implemented and tested changes. Any work in progress will be mentioned in later dev blogs when already implemented.
      Default wars have been removed. Factions will be at peace with each other after map resets. [LOGS] When a faction captures a castle. [LOGS] When a person dismounts a horse. [LOGS] When a faction changes their name. You can now poll yourself lord if the faction is empty for a sum of 5000. You're not able to poll yourself lord if the faction is not empty. You're not able to poll yourself lord if you're already the lord of the faction. Scene slots have been increased from 14 to 30 (This enables easier switching between maps). Default gear has been removed. As a result, loot piles will stay on the map for a longer period of time (In times of war etc.). Slightly increases performance in some cases. Arrows and bolts are now a craftable resource and act as all other stocks. Arrows & Bolts require a stick to be crafted. Advanced arrows & Steel bolts require a stick and an iron piece to be crafted. Outlaw faction chat has been added. Advanced arrows & Bolts now have smaller quivers. Arrows (30) Barbed Arrows (27) Broadhead Arrows (24) Bodkin Arrows (24) Bolts (29) Steel Bolts (26)  
      All changes are subject to change. Feel free to discuss this dev blog down below.

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