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    Kingdoms PK Server Release & PK.js Update



    Kingdoms PK Server Release & PK.js Update



    As you have probably gathered by changes being made to this forum, we are finally ready to release the Kingdoms PK server. It has taken longer than I hoped, however, we are here at last! In the next few hours (or days in the worst case) the server will be unlocked allowing you to start playing on the Kingdoms server. In agreement with the PK World's server owner, their server will go down at the same time ours unlocks to allow for a seamless switch of players between the two servers.

    We are actively looking for staff members to join our team, especially those that may have new ideas they wish to bring to the community. If you are interested, please private message Tommy on Discord or apply here.

    Disclaimer - Our scripts, known as PK.js, are still very much in development and thus there is no guarantee that they will work as well as we hope. In particular, though unlikely, issues such as save errors or duping my arise. If this does happen it may be necessary to wipe the player database to resolve the issues and as a result players may loose any gear or gold they may have collected. Therefore, I advise players to not spend too much time gathering gold over the first few weeks just in case these issues occur. Though to reiterate this is unlikely.


    As a quick update on PK.js... The PK.js scripts have finally reached a "minimal viable product (MVP)" stage and thus they can be rolled out across all servers that wish to use them. Being an MVP they still lack some non-critical features. This includes the player facing aspects, such as the player portal and shop which were previously supported in Phoenix's scripts, however, these features are next inline to be worked on. Furthermore, installation documentation for PK.js has yet to be written, though we are willing to support anyone that messages Tommy in installing them providing they have a suitable sized player base to use them.


    I hope you all have fun on the server and we will see you there!

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