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    Dev Blog 19/07/18



    Dev Blog 19/07/18



    As promised here's the next dev blog. Lately, we've all been quite busy with other commitments but we've managed to get a few things done. The main goal of the 1.2 version for PK is to improve performance and add additional RP aspects to the mod so we'll be working on that in the following weeks.


    The Argad Bay Addition

    Many of you that have been part of the Warband community for a while and have been moving around in the RP waters will recognize the Argad Bay mod as a roleplay mod. We have been granted permission to use their assets within our mod so we'll be implementing some of the RP assets:

    • 3 new daggers
    • An executioners axe
    • A pig
    • 10 earrings and 4 rings
    • 15 new clothes
    • Multiple new enterable buildings
    • 4 new tents
    • 2 new crowns
    • Plenty of tapestries and RP scene props










    Revamped Animation System

    Animation restrictions have been done differently which means that the animations now have a very smooth transition and are much more performance friendly.


    Death Cam

    We have introduced a new way of spectating. Servers will now be able to choose the 4th option. With this option, the player will only be able to see what is happening around his body for the duration of the respawn time without being able to move the camera.



    • Added the current version to the logo in the Warband launcher.
    • Fixed a spectator bug.
    • Added faction ID's in the logs.
    • Fixed the native plate strength from 16 to 15.
    • Fixed the glitch with indestructible rotatable wooden doors.
    • Added "The Eyrie" castle name.
    • Fixed a problem with the looting logs.
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