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    • Tommy
      Kingdoms PK Server Release & PK.js Update
      As you have probably gathered by changes being made to this forum, we are finally ready to release the Kingdoms PK server. It has taken longer than I hoped, however, we are here at last! In the next few hours (or days in the worst case) the server will be unlocked allowing you to start playing on the Kingdoms server. In agreement with the PK World's server owner, their server will go down at the same time ours unlocks to allow for a seamless switch of players between the two servers.
      We are actively looking for staff members to join our team, especially those that may have new ideas they wish to bring to the community. If you are interested, please private message Tommy on Discord or apply here.
      Disclaimer - Our scripts, known as PK.js, are still very much in development and thus there is no guarantee that they will work as well as we hope. In particular, though unlikely, issues such as save errors or duping my arise. If this does happen it may be necessary to wipe the player database to resolve the issues and as a result players may loose any gear or gold they may have collected. Therefore, I advise players to not spend too much time gathering gold over the first few weeks just in case these issues occur. Though to reiterate this is unlikely.

      As a quick update on PK.js... The PK.js scripts have finally reached a "minimal viable product (MVP)" stage and thus they can be rolled out across all servers that wish to use them. Being an MVP they still lack some non-critical features. This includes the player facing aspects, such as the player portal and shop which were previously supported in Phoenix's scripts, however, these features are next inline to be worked on. Furthermore, installation documentation for PK.js has yet to be written, though we are willing to support anyone that messages Tommy in installing them providing they have a suitable sized player base to use them.
      I hope you all have fun on the server and we will see you there!

    • PK.js Announcement & Other Snippets
      Hello? Anyone there?
      When I started to write this blog and I looked at where we left you last, I was shocked with how long it's been. Though, I was more shocked by how much has happened since we last wrote a blog both in our own lives, the PK community and the Mount & Blade Community in general. Though let's keep to PK related news for this blog.
      Since our last update we've gotten another 7000 subscribers on Steam! That brings our current subscribers to 19,109 and our unique subscribers to 30,702. We also have a 92% positive review rating from our 511 reviews. Remember, this is Steam alone, our other release platforms also have pretty impressive statistics! I would like to thank you all again for your tremendous support, especially in voting for us during ModDB's end of year competition. It's sad we didn't go any further in the competition, but we feel privileged to be featured alongside so many other great mods in their year in review. When William first approached me suggesting we make our own PW based mod I never expected the mod to last this long, get so big and get so much attention.
      On a sadder note, since our last update Phoenix shutdown. As you will know, most of us in the dev team had some sort involvement in Phoenix and sunk many of our hours into making it as great as it was. We were proud to be part of the Phoenix admin / management community, which is why we decided to name our team after the server. It has been disappointing to see it's demise, especially given how / why it shutdown. However, we are all excited by what freedom a clean slate will allow us to do to improve the community once again! More on that later...

      Oh boy I love that logo, thanks @William!
      What the hell is "PK.js" I hear you ask? Yeah... good question.
      For ages people have been asking, nagging and even begging for scripts for both PW and PK almost daily by members of the community. Many of you will know that Phoenix had it's own scriptset created by Avenger and later maintained and improved more for PK by myself. At times we admittedly have not given out scripts to ensure that Phoenix had no competition, but even when we wanted to give them out and since Phoenix closed we haven't. Why? It's not that we're meanies, but because Phoenix's script set was a bit of a Frankenstein mess. It was built by stitching together snippets of various people's work and then trying to make it into a polished product with rough sandpaper. No one really knew everything that was in it, for example, I discovered whilst preparing it for PK that it actually had a system to save chest contents between server restarts that had been left disabled! Only one person knew how to set the scriptset up... Avenger and he is a busy man who simply doesn't have the time to dedicate to setting up and fixing the tons of servers that would be setup if we had released them for free.
      If we had any chance of releasing a scriptset that the community could use freely then we would have to start a fresh and build everything from the ground up. For some reason, that is what I decided to do with a little help from @Bridge Troll, @Saptor and Belial.
      Even before I wrote the first line of code, I had decided that:
      PK.js will be open source. The open source code of PW built the foundation for PK. Open source assets and code built upon that foundation to create PK. PK released as an open source mod. Open source is very much embedded in PK and PK.js will maintain that legacy. PK.js will be "easy" to setup. As much as I would love to help setup a server for everyone that asks, I simply don't have the time and I would much prefer to ensure that PK.js has the documentation to allow you to easily setup a server when I am no longer around to help. Before I put down my tools on PK.js I promise that it will be fully documented, hopefully with video tutorials explaining how to set it up and in the mean time I will answer any questions to have in the setting up process. PK.js will be free. After sinking a lot of time into developing PK it has annoyed me to see hosting companies rip off members of our community by charging additional costs for them to provide or setup extremely poor quality scripts. If hosting companies are going to charge you for scripts then they should at least have the decency to provide scripts of a decent quality and fix any issues that you report to them. Furthermore, by them providing these poor quality scripts it hurts the reputation of PK by making it seem it is bug ridden, which it really isn't! I have had many issues reported to me of hosting companies, that have "Persistent Kingdoms scripts" that are clearly poorly converted PW scripts. PK has made script quite a bit easier and it does not take much to covert quality PW scripts into equally as good PK scripts. So please either improve the scripts to work well with PK and make use of our new scripting features or stop advertising "Persistent Kingdom scripts". Remember what our license says: "Neither the name "Persistent Kingdoms" nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission." To prevent these hosting companies making any more profit out our work, PK.js has been given a non commercial license. Don't worry server owners, you are not being targeted and will still be able to collect donations for running costs, but hosting companies will not be able to charge you more in any way for using PK.js. This will be enforced by myself. If you are looking to setup a server in the future I strongly suggest you approach me and I can show you through the process of doing so without shared hosting providers. Again, this is something I will put in any video tutorials I create in the future. PK.js will be the best and most powerful scriptset to date. Fortunately, having worked on Phoenix's admin team I know what good scripts are. But these are going to be more than "good", I promise you! In our usual dev blogs, this would usually be the point where we list a load of screenshots or videos showing amazing new armors or some fancy new features. I was not keen on trying to wow you all with pictures of an admin panel that is still massively work in progress, but I felt that it would be better to at least show something to show action and not just intent. The screenshots may not show much, but they will improve overtime and I hope that what will wow you the most is the experience you have when using the scripts.
      Players... the player portal and web store that Phoenix had will return and it will be much better than before! But the admin panel is my main priority first and then my attention will turn to you soon after an initial release.

      Have a look at this topic for more information regarding what Kingdoms is, that explains most of it... This segment is to only announce a small, or maybe large, thing... Kingdoms is getting a server!
      As you will know, setting up a PK server and a server community isn't easy and it requires a lot of technical knowledge.  That is why I have been roped in and asked by many to setup a server. Well here it is and Kingdoms will act as an encapsulating, parenting body to contain the server community. I hope I will be able to use my knowledge, experience and connections to bring you one of the best servers in PK history, hard competition I know, with hopefully the best admin team I can get my hands on.
      To be clear, I do not plan on starting a server war with anyone. I have channels of communication open with server owners to merge together to create a single community with great admins and the best scripts!
      There is no ETA on the server yet as it relies on PK.js being done, but I will say Soon™. More info will follow soon hopefully.

    • Persistent Kingdoms 1.2 Changelog
      We have finally managed to conclude the next chapter of Persistent Kingdoms - Version 1.2. Over the past months, we've have been developing this version with breaks in between. Overall we're pretty happy with the changes we've implemented and we're sure you will like them as well. There's always room for improvement and we'll most probably continue to work on the mod but on a smaller scale, depending on the motivation of our team. Without further ado, here's the 1.2 changelog (there has been too many changes to represent them all with pictures so we invite you to download the mod and check them yourself 🙂 ).
      New spectator mode
      Server owners will now be able to enable another spectator mode. After a player dies the spectator camera will be locked above their position so that they can spectate the remainder of the fight until they respawn.
      Horses and players are now healed based on the time
      It has been the case so far that if you wish to heal your horse or yourself with food and a bed you have to hold F on the designated scene prop until the bar fills up after which your health increases. From now on your health will increase based on the amount of time you held F, which comes very useful in events where you have to hold F for the complete duration of the bar filling despite needing a very small health increase.
      Day/night cycle added (optional)
      We have added a day/night cycle to the mod that is completely optional and can be enabled via the server configuration. The length of the cycle is dependent on the number of seconds set in the server configuration (you can have multiple cycles per day). Credit to the SRP team.

      New animations:
      Begging Praying Pike stance

      Item changes & Scene prop changes:
      Item changes:
      A pig/piglet An executioners axe Rings & earrings 17 new RP clothes 2 new crowns Letter item Great bascinet texture replacement Plated charger texture replacement 3 new assassin hoods & 3 assassin armours 3 new mercenary armours 1 new plate 7 new special weapons added (royal sword, royal greatsword,...) 2 new playable instruments - Vielle & Flute
      Scene prop changes:
      New enterable buildings (keeps, townhouses,...) New tents New small rowing boat (usable) Buy points for weak spawn weapons added 2 new notice boards Various new RP scene props (wall paintings, tapestries, flags,...)

      Mod optimization:
      Revamped animation system.
      Animation restrictions have been done differently which means that the animations now have a very smooth transition and are much more performance friendly. Bump & specular textures optimized
      All bump & specular textures have been resized to a lower resolution. This has no visual effect but will in theory increase FPS slightly. Mod cleanup
      Despite adding a large number of new resources to the mod we have managed to decrease the size of the mod by 100MB by removing unused resources and optimizing textures. Shader check
      All items received a check in terms of shaders to ensure everything looks as it should in-game. LOD’s were added to all items that didn’t have them.
      Certain items were missing LOD’s which more or less better the performance of the mod by loading lower quality models in the distance. The missing LOD’s were generated and added to the mod.  
      Administration changes:
      Faction ID's were added to most logs. Support for custom banners added
      Server owners can now assign custom banners to anyone via scripts. This is useful for RP servers where even commoners want to proudly wear their heraldic colours.  
      Bug fixes:
      Glitchy indestructible doors were fixed. Show pouch to nearby players logs fixed. Walking mode bug fixed. CWE scene props fixed on DX7. Other smaller bug fixes.  
      Wooden poles were removed from CWE walls. Early transitional armour transformed into a heraldic item. New banners added. Other smaller changes.

    • Dev Blog 19/07/18

      By William, in Dev Blogs,

      Dev Blog 19/07/18
      As promised here's the next dev blog. Lately, we've all been quite busy with other commitments but we've managed to get a few things done. The main goal of the 1.2 version for PK is to improve performance and add additional RP aspects to the mod so we'll be working on that in the following weeks.
      The Argad Bay Addition
      Many of you that have been part of the Warband community for a while and have been moving around in the RP waters will recognize the Argad Bay mod as a roleplay mod. We have been granted permission to use their assets within our mod so we'll be implementing some of the RP assets:
      3 new daggers An executioners axe A pig 10 earrings and 4 rings 15 new clothes Multiple new enterable buildings 4 new tents 2 new crowns Plenty of tapestries and RP scene props

      Revamped Animation System
      Animation restrictions have been done differently which means that the animations now have a very smooth transition and are much more performance friendly.
      Death Cam
      We have introduced a new way of spectating. Servers will now be able to choose the 4th option. With this option, the player will only be able to see what is happening around his body for the duration of the respawn time without being able to move the camera.
      Added the current version to the logo in the Warband launcher. Fixed a spectator bug. Added faction ID's in the logs. Fixed the native plate strength from 16 to 15. Fixed the glitch with indestructible rotatable wooden doors. Added "The Eyrie" castle name. Fixed a problem with the looting logs.

    • Persistent Kingdoms Fan-Made Videos No.3
      The mod has been live for almost 2 months now! Multiple servers have sprung up since the release and more are on the way. We're very happy about the way things have been going and are eager to continue with the development of the mod.
      We will be releasing a dev blog in the next few days on what we've managed to change and improve since 1.1 version came out.
      But until then, have a look at some of the videos made by PK players! I realize even more are out there but we'll leave them for the 4th version of these series! If you would like your video shared here just send us a message.
      Persistent Kingdoms #2: The Great Pleb War of Osvirklif by Spudgun Official
      CI Gassing Trashtalkers | Persistent Kingdoms by Aittor
      Persistent Kingdoms | Kingdom of Antioch: Ep1 by Tilko Official
      Persistent Kingdoms Basics: Terminology by Spudgun Official
      Knights of the Crusade vs Vandals // Field Battle // Persistent Kingdoms by Nessa of House Stark

    • Persistent Kingdoms 1.1 Released & Discord Opened & Fan-Made Videos No.2
      We have all been busy with other activities in the past weeks since the release but we've managed to find some time to issue a small update that fixes certain bugs and added&changed some animations.
      Changelog 1.1
      Fixed lighting with some of the skyboxes. Removed "Game rules" menu as it was outdated and useless. We might look into bringing a revamped version of it back in the future releases. Fixed poll cooldown bug where people were still able to poll lords after a poll failed. Fixed a bug where arrows&bolts would go through doors. We have added and modified the animations thanks to SirPineApplePie. Revamped the admin function to record current position.  
      Discord Opened!
      We have created a Persistent Kingdoms Discord with the intention of helping new players and creating a joined PK community.

      If you need help with installation & help with the gameplay, would like to share some screenshots & videos or would simply like to find some people to play with then you're more than welcome to join us!

      We have also set up specific channels for suggestions and bug reports. If you would like to do either of that then you should do it on our Discord. Join us by clicking here .
      Looking forward to chatting with you!
      Persistent Kingdoms Fan-Made Videos No.2
      PERSISTENT KINGDOMS - The future of Persistent World - Mount and Blade: Warband Mod by Pixelated Apollo
      Coronas Ibéricas (The comeback) - M&B Warband Persistent Kingdoms by Mario - M&B and More!
      Persistent World/Kingdoms LIVE! by Resonant
      Let us know if you make a video on Persistent Kingdoms and we'll be happy to feature it in the next article!

    • Persistent Kingdoms Trailer & Fan-Made Videos No.1
      We're thrilled to see the mod alive and have been receiving some great feedback. We'll be looking into improving the current features and fixing any existing bugs/mistakes that might have happened during the development.
      If you have any suggestions for future releases please get in contact with us and we'll make sure to take it into consideration!
      Without further ado, here are a few fan-made videos which we find are great. Thank you all for taking the time to record and edit the footage!
      Persistent Kingdoms Official Trailer - 1.0 Now Available For Download!
      Persistent Kingdoms #1: New mod, same old wars by Spudgun Official
      Persistent Kingdoms: Jerusalem by Longshanks
      Persistent Kingdoms: Templar vs House Blackfyre by Dowling FP
      Persistent Kingdoms - Byzantine Empire & Plebbing by Ragnosos
      M&B Warband Persistent Kingdoms War! by Wojooo81
      Let us know if you make a video on Persistent Kingdoms and we'll be happy to feature it in the next article!

    • Persistent Kingdoms Release
      We have reached the point of release.
      New Weapons & Armours
      55+ new body pieces added. 40+ new helmets added. 8 new gloves added. 14 new boots added. 4 new horses added. 25 new weapons added. New Scene Props
      New teleport doors have been added that enable people to teleport through them with horses. 55+ new scene props (2 new wall & tower types, skeletons, different ores, wooden palisades and other smaller & bigger props). Dedicated arrow & bolt holder. New civilian and war carts added. 40+ new trees & bushes added. Quality Of Life Improvements
      You can poll yourself lord if the faction is empty. Outlaw faction chat added. Lords can now assign marshals that can help manage the faction. Castle flag capture animation. Basic name labels. Faction members now receive messages when getting keys/announcers & getting kicked/outlawed from the faction. “Drop all” button that drops all your money. Fast inventory transfer (right click). Show pouch to nearby players option. Easy show pouch system. Lockpicked chest notification. Adjusted classes (see “classes” tab). Graphical Improvements
      50+ new banners added. 20+ new skyboxes added. New terrain borders have been added that improve the immersion and make the maps feel much larger. Existing textures have been replaced to improve the overall look of the game. New Roleplay Aspects
      Music system has been added (playable lute, lyre and horn). Open & close helmet feature support for 6 helmets. Dog model. 2 sitting animations added (on chairs and anywhere). Walking animation added. 10+ roleplay new roleplay animations. Server & Admin Features
      Scene slots have been increased from 14 to 30. Spectator can now be enabled or disabled through server configuration. Admins are now able to restock with admin scalpels. Server owners can now set a percentage of money dropped by commoners and faction members in the server configuration. Admins can now join any factions through the admin menu. 48 new castle names have been added. Private message system that can be enabled/disabled through server configuration. Random gear spawning in chests can now be enabled/disabled. Mute all players option added to the administration menu. Implemented An Advanced Log System
      Bug Fixes
      A bug where freeze walls remain in place after a player logs out has been removed. Relogging as lord in PW made you lose all the data on keys & announcers. Not anymore. Arrows&bolts can no longer prevent chests/tp doors from being used. Miscellaneous
      Default wars have been removed. Default spawn gear has been removed. Arrows & bolts are now a craftable resource. Advanced arrows & bolts now also have smaller quivers. Commit suicide option. Poll cooldown has been introduced after a poll succeeds or fails. Confirmation required when joining commoners in the “death” screen. Mute instruments option.  
      Forums.taleworlds.com Battle of Europe by Sebastian and his team Forums.taleworlds.com CWE by Ficus and his team Forums.taleworlds.com Cinematic Compilation by Doma_ Forums.taleworlds.com Wook’s Warband 2016 (Modern Graphics Overhaul) by Wook Outer terrain:
      Forums.taleworlds.com 1429: La Guerre de Cent Ans by FantasyWarrior Armor:
      Forums.taleworlds.com Narf Rus Pack by Narf Forums.taleworlds.com Narf Transitional Armor Pack by Narf Forums.taleworlds.com Fred’s bunch ‘o armours by Fre Forums.taleworlds.com CWE by Ficus and his team Weapons:
      Forums.taleworlds.com Shredzorz’s OSP stuffs by Shredzorz Props:
      Forums.taleworlds.com Al Mansur Packs by Al Mansur Forums.taleworlds.com CWE by Ficus and his team Skyboxes:
      Nexusmods.com Skyboxes Advanced by ShaunRemo Forums.taleworlds.com CWE by Ficus and his team Horses:
      Forums.taleworlds.com CWE by Ficus and his team Animations:
      Forums.taleworlds.com Tavern Animation Pack by Slawomir of Aaarrghh Forums.taleworlds.com Vyrn by Efe Karacar  
      Helping Hands
      Mad-Man (OpenBRF assistance) Marko (Overall assistance) Hero (Website development) TW Forum – Modding Discord members Maroon (OpenBRF/collision assistance) Apollo (New banners)  
      Feel free to download the mod!

    • Persistent Kingdoms Release Date
      We've spent the last 2 weeks testing the mod within our Phoenix community. We've had two open tests within our community and tested the mod on both occasions with 120+ people on the server at the same time. We've discovered and fixed 40+ bugs and are now more or less ready for the release. The final bugs will be fixed in the following week. We'll also be getting everything ready for release and finish up the website more or less.

      Phoenix Dev Team
      We're excited about this probably more than you guys are. Three months of work has brought us to this point and we're looking forward to seeing you all experience the mod for the first time. All of us started this project out of our own desire to contribute something to the Warband community and try to improve on the mod we've all played for so long. Almost none of us has worked on a modding project like this before and it's quite an experience. I think it's only fair that I write a thing or two about who actually stands behind all the changes and "put a face to the name".
      Tommy (Scripter)
      Tommy is an endless coding machine, similar to Saptor. He volunteered to work on the project from the start and we couldn't have done it without him. If only he didn't have to drink tea every time we had to test something (A British thing apparently). Despite his disability to survive without tea he has managed to code a lot of the features you'll see in the mod.
      Saptor (Scripter)
      Despite his disadvantage of being a Turkish resident and being oppressed by Erdogan, Saptor has done some quality work with coding the new features. I imagine you guys would have to wait for quite a while more if it weren't for him.
      Dekkers (Scene developer)
      Dekkers is a scene developer that has been making maps for PW for the past couple of years and NW before that. It was originally his idea to look into making this mod. He's also made the new banners possible and has been there during most of the decisions that led to the mod that you will get into your hands. The real work for him begins now. He'll be working on adjusting PW scenes to PK and creating new so that we'll be able to enjoy in the new mod.
      BridgeTroll (Launcher & API)
      BridgeTroll has volunteered himself at the start of the project to start working on a Phoenix launcher which will make sure that your mod on the computer is up to date and to download any updates if necessary. You'll be able to use the launcher or manually download the module files.
      Lord Pain (Modeller)
      Pain has been of valuable help to the project working with OpenBRF to bring us all the new items and scene props that we desired. In the future, he will be looking into optimising the mod by making more simple collisions which should improve the performance.
      Exima (Modeller)
      Exima has been of great help with the new models. He's designed quite a few new items that you'll be able to see in the mod and helped us with implementing new items on numerous occasions.
      William (Mod Coordinator)
      I was the annoying guy trying to move the project forward sticking my nose in pretty much every hole it went in. The persistent-kingdoms.com website will also stay up as long as I am alive or we all finally move to Bannerlord with a new mod. I was also the contact with you guys reading the dev blogs and will continue to be that with the future changelogs.
      Helpers & OSP
      We would also like to thank all the people that helped us during development and all the creators of OSP resources which made this whole project possible in the first place. Check persistent-kingdoms.com for a full list.
      Future And Support Of The Mod
      The development of this mod won't end with its first release. We'll make sure to fix any bugs that come up and keep updating the mod with new features that we already have planned out. We're actually looking for ways on how to improve the dynamic of PK and make it more interesting. If you have any suggestions make sure to get in contact with us on any platform. We'll be happy to listen!
      Release Date
      The big thing that we've all waited for. The mod will be released on 19th of May which is a Saturday. To my best knowledge there will be multiple servers setup from day one and later on as well to indulge all the different appetites from hardcore roleplay to intense large battles and sieges.
      Make sure to have a look at our servers page to find out which servers you'll be able to play on: Persistent-kingdoms.com
      You can also follow the countdown to release on the home page: Persistent-kingdoms.com
      Pictures From Open Tests
      Here are a few cool pictures from the successful open tests.

      Keep posting suggestions. We consider every suggestion you post:
      All features are subject to change. Feel free to discuss this dev blog down below.

    • Dev Blog 30/04/18

      By William, in Dev Blogs,

      Dev Blog 30/04/18
      We've performed a successful closed test during the weekend and discovered quite a few bugs. In the next days, we'll prioritize fixing them. Before we move on to what we worked on in the past 2 weeks, feel free to check out the video made by Resonant describing the changes PK introduces:
      Redesigned C Menu
      We have redesigned the C menu to make it more intuitive and simple to use.

      Open Inventory
      We have removed the "Discard body armour" and "Discard feet armour" and replaced it with an "Open inventory" option. To prevent confusion, this is not actual inventory in terms of a backpack that you can carry around. When clicking on the option in the C menu a lootspot is generated which enables you to see all your items and if needed drop them on the ground.

      Overwritten Gear
      In the current PW, if buying a new armour piece the one you're wearing will simply get overwritten and disappear. Not anymore. When buying a new armour piece the one you're currently wearing will simply drop on the ground.
      Walking Mode
      We've introduced the walking mode for those of you that have a special place in your heart for roleplay.
      Sitting Mode
      We've introduced 2 new ways of sitting. You will be able to sit on chairs & cushions and also anywhere on the map using the sitting animation.
      We've also set up a website for the mod where you will be able to find various information about the mod. The website is currently a work in progress but feel free to check it out. Information such as tutorials, crafting recipes, classes, production tree, servers, item list & more can be found here.

      Keep posting suggestions. We consider every suggestion you post:
      All features are subject to change. Feel free to discuss this dev blog down below.

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