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  1. MB Kingdoms Platform

    1. Montibeil Square - Rules & Announcements

      Rules and announcements for our platform and EU Kingdoms server.

  2. Persistent Kingdoms

    1. Richfield Bazaar - General Discussion

      Discuss PK and EU Kingdoms server matters.

    2. Praven Assembly - Suggestions & Bug Reports

      Share suggestions & bugs in regards to platform, PK and EU Kingdoms.

    3. Creators Guild - Scening

      Create, discuss and report bugs in regards to scenes.

  3. EU Kingdoms Server

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      EU_Kingdoms  ·  War Of The Three Monarchs

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    EU_Kingdoms relies on your donations to support the monthly cost of 62 euros for the server box. Without your donations we will be unable to keep the server box running.

    You can donate to keep EU_Kingdoms running here. All donations go towards the monthly cost of the server box.
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    • Paying 5$ made the server crash daily hehe
    • Maps way too big for 100 people, back to great divide or try a map we haven’t played in awhile 
    • The map is shit. The Casterly castle is too op. The map is very big and complex. Almost everyone has massive fps drops/problem. You can't even get into the inner courtyard by making a ladder. It's shit. Please change map. It has 2 courtyards wtf. It's stronger than Jerusalem on Realm Divided. When you go in the first courtyard then you must go up stairs, which only works on the right side. Which makes it easier for archers to shoot them lol... Please make it weaker.
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